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Three months online course on Space Science & Technology for Students from Grade 5 to 12

Edu Mithra's3 Month Course on
Space Science & Technology

Space Science and Astronomy is a beautiful subject which is loved and aspired by many kids today. It is pertinent to think and plan about the future but there aren’t any easily available tutors or classes to learn about the subject. Therefore, Edu Mithra is announcing a three months online course in Space Science and modern Astronomy for Students from classes 5 to 12. This course is designed to focus on astronomical discoveries and studies related to space and stars.

Serious about pursuing astronomy? Come and grab the best opportunity and make the most out of it. This course will give you the exposure to understand vast subject and introduce you with the magical world beyond our earth.

The course will help to carve and mould your mind towards Space Science
Excellence comes from continuous practice under the best faculty guidance.
Live class gives the benefit of interaction and comfort of home.
Students of grade 5 to 12 from all over the world are eligible to attend space science course.

3 months Space Science Course Mode of Online Class

Online classes can be attended from any part of the world but there is one major limitation which is common to most of them: Limited interactions due to the PRE-RECORDED Classes. So interactions become limited, discussions become boring and the subject becomes less interesting.

Here Edu Mithra takes a different path. All our sessions are LIVE Interactive Webinars which makes it a virtual classroom experience to the learners. Students can share thoughts, participate in live discussions and subject-related activities which makes them more comfortable and engaged in the classes.
Register online and get Unique Meeting ID.
Arrange internet connection and a laptop/computer/mobile.
Get connected through webinar and attend live class where you get seriousness of classroom learning and comfort of your home.



3 Months Space Science CourseFAQs


It is a three months online class which will help kids to acquire knowledge about Space and Astronomy and it can be attended from the comfort of home. Classes will be conducted on weekends and so it would not interfere with regular academic classes.


THREE Months Course. Every Saturday and Sunday evening 2 hrs.


(Seats are limited, Registration is based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis)


Three month Course on Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Exploration

This course will discuss about Astronomy and Astrophysics in depth. The whole of syllabus are divided into 6 modules. A detailed description of the curriculum is as follows.

  1. Solar System

Organization/Introduction- Overview of the Solar System-The Sun- Formation- processes- Solar nebula- Fusion- Energy formation- Planetary Systems- Formation- Revolution- Rotation- orbit- Rings, – Satellites – Mecury- Venus- Earth- Mars- Asteroid Belt- Jupiter- Saturn- Uranus- Neptune- Dwarf planets- Keplers laws- Asteroids- Meteors- Comets- Kuiper belt-Oort Cloud- Heliopause- Heliosphere- Solar wind- Solar System Exploration till date and future missions.

  1. Stellar Physics

Nebula, protostar-Jeans mass-Fusion-Evolution of stars- Main sequence stars-HR diagram-luminosity-Red Giant-White dwarf- Neutron star-Black hole-Theories and ambiguities regarding Black holes- Nobel prize in physics for blackhole science 2020, a wholesome view- Galactic Stellar Distributions and Populations- Oort Constants- Oort Limit- Globular Clusters

  1. Cosmology

Big Bang-Primordial Universe-Acceleration phase-Expansion- Dark Energy-Dark Matter-Large Scale Structures- Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation- Galaxies and related phenomena at high redshift- Cosmic structure formation- cosmic inflation- Nucleosynthesis and baryosynthesis- Quasar (QSO) absorption lines, and gamma-ray bursts- Possible evolution of the cosmos, proposed end of the universe- Hypothesis regarding multiverse, parallel universe etc.

  1. Observatories

Historical Monuments-Terrestrial Observatories-old observatories – Usages- Jantar manthirs- Space Telescopes-Hubble space telescopes- James Webb telescopes- Astrosat- Chandra observatory- Indian based terrestrial telescopes- TMT Thirty meter telescopes- Blackhole detection- Different wavelength based telescopes- Software used for sky watching

  1. Human Space Explorations

Roscosmos Missions-first man in space- first woman in space- NASA Missions- Applolo missions-JAXA Missions–ESA Missions-International Space station- Astronauts- Life style- Selection procedures- Future Missions- ISRO proposed Missions- Gaganyan.

  1. Sky watching

How to watch sky- Stars- planets- meteors- comets- How to distinguish between planets and stars- Different constellation- where to look in the sky- sky maps- how to analyse sky maps- software regarding sky watch- Detecting stars in the night sky


Total fees for the three month course will be INR. 15,000/

Students can pay the fee as two instalments. (7500 x 2)


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