For Classes 8,9 & 10

Edu MithraAbout Online Tuition

Enrich your knowledge, gather sharper understandings on subjects and crack the exams with ease! Join smart peer groups and get mentored by experts! Edu Mithra offers the best-in-class learning experience in the comfort of your home for Classes 5 to 12. Learn from your home with our advanced online tuition classes and understand the subjects better.

The classes are conducted as completely interactive LIVE Webinars where students can interact with co-learners, share thoughts and ideas, discuss and clarify doubts and build a strong foundation of the subjects, all under well-qualified and expert mentors.

Edu Mithra will make sure that every learner is catered well enough with clear ideas and expert and friendly mentorship and students will undergo constant online examinations/tests to measure their understandings and growth to deliver them with a better learning experience
Equipped with online whiteboard tools
Live chat and interactive voice & video communication
Provides adaptive, interactive online tests

Edu MithraMode of Online Tuition

Online tuitions are available all over the world but there is one major limitation which is common to most of them: Limitations in interactions due to the PRE-RECORDED Classes. Here interactions become limited, discussions become boring and the subject becomes less interesting.

Here Edu Mithra takes a different path. All our sessions are LIVE Interactive Webinars which makes it a virtual classroom experience to the learners. Students can share thoughts, participate in live discussions and subject-related activities which makes them more comfortable and engaged in the classes.
Register online and get Unique Meeting ID.
Arrange internet connection and a laptop/computer/mobile.
Get connected through webinar and attend live class where you get seriousness of classroom learning and comfort of your home.

Edu Mithra Online Tuition Benefits

Online tutoring provides a number of distinct advantages that not only make it competitive with in-person tutoring, but actually superior in many cases.
Not a PRE RECORDED session
Live interaction with tutor and other students
Online practice test for achieving high

Online Tuition

Online Tuition

Online Tuition

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