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Edu Mithra Space Safari

An Exploratory Voyage For Knowledge!

Come, join us in exploratory voyage into the Mysterious dark world: the Space!

Space Safari 2017 –  Explore the universe through your mind and understand the very existence of us.

Dear Friends,

What makes you happy? Is it games? TV shows? Or our wonderful night sky? If your answer is night sky with all those wonderful surprises from nature. Let’s make this summer even more better by joining us for the Summer Space Camp. Here we can explore the Universe we inhabit.

There are so many wonders out there in the cosmos. And we have to explore it. In our past, great scientists like Kepler, Newton, Galileo and so many explored the nature and found wonders in them. Don’t you want to feel how it was for them? Today we have everything just one click away.

We can help you to be one among the real explorers of Universe. There is nothing more fun than spending your summer with us exploring this nature.

Edu Mithra Space Safari Camp

Universe is an unsolved puzzle for us all. It has taken human curiosity beyond distance unimaginable. Understanding our universe is far more fun than anything else in this world. There is only one important thing to remember, always understand then properly.

Here at “Space Camp”, we are going to provide the correct way to approach the universe, rather than feeding them knowledge pills. The following are the activities planned.

  • Interactive sections on space science.
  • Games and fun activities to make them curious about astrophysics.
  • Theoretical analysis of Universe.
  • Making them learn, how the great men did the work to understand the cosmos.
  • Tutorial sections to analyse the problems.
  • Sky watching.Space Safari 2017 poster

To understand the universe, there is only one way. That is to learn two things, Ability to transform a Physical problem to a Mathematical question, and to interpret the Mathematical result to a Physical effect.

With that, we begin our journey to explore.


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Edu Mithra Space Safari – Programmes/ Topics

  • Exploring the Space with astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Studying the fundamental principles of nature.
  • The life cycle of stars and other wanders.
  • Understanding the dynamics of objects.
  • Exploring the early universe.
  • Beyond the point of no return.
  • Telescope instrumentation.
  • Space missions.
  • Space weather and our existence.
  • What happens in our Sun.
  • What are all out there.
  • Astronaut training methods.
  • Organising a space mission.
  • Mathematical tools used in a space missions.
  • Cosmology and General theory of relativity.
  • Gravitational wave.
  • Numerical methods and computer programming basics.
  • Data analysis and interpretations.
  • Neutrino cosmology.
  • Basics physics and mathematical methods.
  • Small projects and presentations.
  • Sky watching.
  • Games and more fun.

There much more that a child will learn. It is about learning a lot. And about learning one thing correctly. Hope to meet young curious mind.


What space safari gives to your child…

  • Cultivates genuine interest in Space science and nurtures the inborn passion in the space science fields.
  • Rare chance of experiencing the experiments that they have only seen/read in text books and meeting legends of the Space Science and experience new ways of exploring Space science.
  • The positive experiences associated with Space Safari that emphasize personal skill development that everyone needs, including the ability to make decisions, self-confidence, personal communication, and the development Starsof a richer more valuable profile.
  • Greater understanding of Space Science and its possibilities
  • New friends and new memories they will remember and value throughout their lives and a new experience of living in a green eco-friendly atmosphere, far from the busy disturbing city life.

Space Safari: Everything In A Nutshell

Who All Can Participate…

Any student of classes 5-12 can attend Space Safari.

How To Participate..

Register your names at and pay the registration fee of Rs. 2800/- through online payment methods.

Camp Dates: 2017 May 5,6,7

Venue: Moozhikkulam Sala Jaiva Campus, Moozhikkulam, Kerala

Last Date of Registration : 30th April 2017

A Little About The Venue

Looking over the life giving waters of the Chalakkudy River, Moozhikkulamsala is situated in Moozhikkulam, a village of great historical background for its educational centers, in Ernakulam District of Kerala. It has a premise of 2.40 acres of area which consists of 22 Nalukkettus, traditional Kerala style homes. The remarkable feature of these buildings is their eco-friendliness. The Jaiva campus is well protected and its our previllage tohave Moozhikkulam Shala as our venue for Space Safari.

The location near the Chalakkudi River and  the calm and beautiful atmosphere makes a perfect platform for a pleasureful learning experiences!

Know More Visit : Moozhikulam Sala


 Registration: images (1)

You can register for science safari by clicking the link below.

Registration fee :Rs.2800/-

Accommodation+food charges extra :Rs.350/day (including river side  stay calm n quiet atmosphere away from the hustles and bustles of the city life  )

We welcome parents!

Parents can also accompany their children in the camp by paying an accommodation and food charge of Rs. 1500/- for three days (Payable at venue) . The camp will be as enjoyable to the Parents as to the children.


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